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Austin’s Prodigal Synth Band, SURVIVE, is Going Psycho

SURVIVE has had an incredible past two years. The Austin synth band received two Grammy Awards nominations and an Emmy for ‘Most Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music’ on their divergently genius composition that features as the title sequence for the world-wide famous Netflix series, Stranger Things. The band has also been a part of A Message from Earth, creating otherworldly music in celebration of the Voyager Golden Record turning 40 this past December. And now, the band is headed to Las Vegas to take part in the vicious Psycho Music Festival.

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OV Recommends: The Mammoths

Today I spoke with David Kapsner, a singer and guitarist for The Mammoths, a local Austin band with a sound lies at the intersection of country, metal, and rock.  The band has just cancelled their San Antonio show due to the devastation and dangers of Hurricane Harvey but after playing at Stubb’s on Friday they plan to hit the road for their second tour this year. Their tour spans from Georgia and Mississippi all the way up to New York City and back just like their earlier tour this year in February 2017 except now they are able to enjoy the experience with better venues and larger audiences.

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3 Austin fixtures join some of America’s greatest music venues

 Consequence of Sound recently published a definitive list of the 100 greatest American music venues. The article’s coverage, self described as “a first-class, front-row ticket to this country’s most vital concert halls” naturally includes venues located in the city of Austin, a place commonly hailed as “The Live Music Capital of the World.” This year Austin was fortunate to have a total of three venues grace this listing–occupying lower portions on the list, with one venue in particular breaking into the top 10!