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SOS Fest releases schedule for Late Knights

The much-anticipated Sound on Sound Fest is fast approaching with festivities starting Nov. 4. To kick off the festival weekend, the Sound On Sound Fest “Late Knights” kick-off parties, or just Knights, will be held at Mohawk, The Sidewinder, Barracuda, Beerland and Empire on Thursday, Nov. 3. Anyone who already has an official Sound On Sound Wristband gets free access to any of the Knights shows and holders of the VIP ‘Treat Thyself’ pass get priority access at each venue.

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National metalheads the Melvins to play Sidewinder

From time to time, there comes a band that goes unmatched in their realm of music. When such a group comes parading into Austin, they’re worth a mention. Heavyweight punk-kings the Melvins return to Austin next weekend to play the Sidewinder stage with Helms Alee, a fellow rock band from the Washington area. 

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Casual Strangers Releases Second Album Pink Panther on Feb. 26

With the pressure of releasing a successful sophomore album, Casual Strangers ditched an almost complete set of tracks to move in a totally different direction. The result is an instrumental, psychedelic record that invites listeners to take the passenger seat through an introspective journey that is Pink Panther.

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Retirement Home, Paperback release new albums

On Vinyl has been covering music, news and events for over a year now. In that year we have established a litany of connections with artists, venues and companies across Austin. Every time a new band or artist gets brought to my desk [Editor’s Note: Jake’s desk is a dirty mattress in the corner of his “room” which, in and of itself is nothing more than a shack] I am so excited to be a part of not only the growth of On Vinyl, but the growth of another great artist.