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Margaret Moser has died






                         Certifiable badass.


You can do a simple google search of her name and find the first hit is NPR’s article, “Margaret Moser, Queen Of Austin, Is Dancing In The Light”.

She was the Dancing Queen of Austin and everything else listed above.

Margaret Moser, 63, gracefully passed away in her San Antonio home after a four-year dance with colon cancer. She will undoubtedly carry the legacy of being one of the most famed, female journalists in Texas history.

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Casual Strangers drop Sci-Fi inspired short film:”Turing Test”

Last month, atmospheric rock quartet Casual Strangers released a new short film titled “Turing Test.” Hailing from Austin, the band describes their sound as ‘cosmic sludge.’ Their experimental take on rock melds with electronic music, and the band’s synth-laced sound  has already caught fire in the music community here in Austin.