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OV Recommends: Austin’s best jazz clubs

“Where is the nearest jazz club?” is not a question you will hear regularly around the streets of Austin. In a musical market that is oversaturated with indie, rap and electronic, it is rejuvenating to hear some tastes yearn for a more antiquated form of music. This week, On Vinyl is hand selecting some of the best venues in the jazz scene.

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5 college bands to check out

There’s something exciting and unpredictable about college bands. They’re young, risk taking and ambitious with an infectious gleam of passion for music that makes us all want to root for them. Anyway, we want to shed light on some local college bands and musicians we like to listen to. You might recognize some of these from our 16 of ’16 article… Can you blame us?

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OV Recommends: 5 best Austin record stores

Austin has nothing short of music stores with a plethora of vinyl, both used and new, waiting to be bought and prized in your trophy collection of vinyl records. The holidays are the best time to start or expand on your record collection. What’s warmer than a cup of marshmellowed hot chocolate (or wine) and popping on a wonderful, crisp vinyl while the cold weather blankets the city of Austin? Here are five of my favorite Austin local music stores to get your music on vinyl.

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Austin house show lives on at Whitis House

The house show is an intangible concept, and yet some people know just exactly how to do it right. House shows bring the community and intimacy of a party with the energy and sound of a venue show. Austin’s “Whitis House” is a little-known house venue that will be hosting San Antonio’s own Televangelist and Austin indie lords Did You See Those Bats? on Dec. 20, right before Christmas.