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Weekly staff picks: Broken resolutions playlist

“New Year, new me!” you say as you voraciously guzzle down that last glass of Carlo Rossi. Look, fucking up is an integral part of the new year. All of us collectively vibrating to the same self-destructing frequency. It’s not just you. It’s all of us. These new rules we attempt to abide by are born out of a place of failure. And what do we do when we fail? We listen to music that makes us feel worse than we already do. Oh wait, that’s just me? Anyway, here’s my Broken Resolutions Playlist.

Weekly Staff Picks: Warm songs for a cold winter

Curating the Weekly Staff Picks is probably my favorite thing to do with On Vinyl Music because it forces me to continue to dig deeper into the vast mechanisms of Austin’s cesspool music scene. This week, I decided to culminate songs from artists who not only warm the soul but also songs you can bring home for the holidays, pop on the stereo, and play for your family.

Weekly Staff Picks: An experimental hip-hop party in the coolest Hilton hotel lobby of all time

Step into this technicolored, bass-bumpin’  hotel elevator with me, as we go through fourteen levels of experimental hip-hop from some of the best artists Austin, Texas has to offer. These tracks have a tendency to make you feel like you are in the coolest Hilton hotel lobby of all time.