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Catch Rattletree at SXSW’s Sounds From The World

Millennial music is often restricted to a very familiar, western sound.  American youth repeatedly glamorizes “top 40” hits, and remains stagnant in their musical outlook. Applications like Pandora and Spotify tend to feed off of this effortless approach towards music, making the rewarding search for great music appear elementary. On Vinyl Music has a righteous goal of showcasing music fashioned by artists of various genres, objectives and aesthetics in hopes of creating a more musically aware society. Austin based electric-marimba ensemble, Rattletree, is a historic example of why open-mindedness is necessary while consuming creative art. Rattletree is composed of four spiritually tuned musicians with a vision that is not only hedonistic but hugely important.

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Otis the Destroyer to release gritty, original EP at the Barracuda

Otis the Destroyer released their first EP Dark Arts in 2014. Since then, the band has continued to build a cohesive identity as a stellar rock n’ roll quad combo. The band members include Taylor Wilkins on guitar and vocals, Clennan Hyatt on drums, Kyle Robarge on bass and vocals and Anthony Rucci on guitar.

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OV Presents: Austin’s Best Drummers

What’s a band without a drummer? Well, speaking from experience, a lot less complicated, but more than anything it’s empty. Every band needs a drummer to beat the shit out of something and spend all of the band’s money on beer and gas station sandwiches. I play drums in an emo band, I can attest if the lead vocalist is the brains and heart of a band, the drummer is the heavily damaged liver. Here are some of Austin’s best drummers.

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Major Grizz, Yuma offer relieving Stubb’s study break

Friday nights are generally everyone’s favorite day of the week to spend a late night downtown — it’s the end of the week and you’ll have time to nurse that hangover in bed because Saturday mornings practice more patience than those demanding work days. As a journalist, I, for one, am one of those lucky people who get to mix work and play. On one hand, it allows me to call going to shows “work.” On the other, I’m technically required to work late nights and weekends.

For students, a category of which I also belong to, Fridays are an especially strategic time to take a well-deserved study break. This past weekend, on Feb. 5, I found myself taking one of these study breaks at Stubb’s, engulfed in a packed room with the wood floor of their indoor stage, watching local acts Yuma and Major Grizz put on interesting twists on otherwise conventional genres of music.

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Austin hip-hop: Magna Carda comes into their own on first full-length album CIRQLATION

Austin is the little sibling of the family when it comes to hip-hop in Texas. Surrounded by Houston’s legacy of a hip-hop presence and the rising talents emerging from the Dallas area, Austin has yet to develop an “identity” that is recognized on a national level when it comes to hip-hop and rap despite holding the title of “Live Music Capital of the World.”