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Hunter Sharpe finds solid ground with “Forced Landings”

Rock lovers, rejoice! Local alternative rock artist Hunter Sharpe recently released first EP, Forced Landings, after a successful Kickstarter campaign made the EP go from dream to reality.

Forced Landings couldn’t have come at a better time, with Sharpe and his band gearing up to play at South by Southwest for their third year in a row.

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Disagreements emerge on music industry vinyl trends

Every aspect of the music industry, whether it is throwing music events, maintaining a media outlet, or something as simple as giving the public what they want, involves one aspect that encompasses it all–the music. Though the music industry seems to have increased drastically by the reemergence of vinyl, sales produced from stores such as Urban Outfitters and Barnes & Noble which seem to attract a younger generation of consumers–a generation that sometimes overlooks the art of a record. A quick Google search can bring to light the reality of the music industry and how vinyl is not saving it.

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How the music industry can find the balance between abundance, profitability

The music industry has found itself in a frightening situation. The immense popularity of streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud) have created an unpredictable market tarnished by an inter-industry war over exclusive content as a means of acquiring customers. Streaming has quickly replaced purchasing music online, rendering CDs practically obsolete. Simultaneously, while vinyl sales were dropping slightly in the first half of 2016, there has been a resurgence of vinyl popularity among millennials.

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TipCow CEO Chris Bush on the rise of live streaming, artist donations

Live streaming seems to be taking over the media. From Snapchat to Facebook live, artists are able to connect with fans face-to-face for a live in-concert experience by the simplicity of their smart phone. In response, fans are becoming more willing to give donations to their favorite artists, especially if artists reach out and actually ask fans to help them out.