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One2One Fest emerges as Austin’s most diverse underground showcase

Austin is revered worldwide for it’s constant support and celebration of the art of music. Festivals like ACL, Euphoria and SXSW are the most obvious testament to the cities infatuation with live music and creation as a movement. Fortunately, these high profile music and arts festivals are only the tip of the iceberg in the city of weird. The more “established” collectives and aesthetic trailblazers, who reign at the top of the visionary hierarchy, possess an influence that kindly trickles down into the spirits of the millennial generation. With a firm understanding of the future and a dream of a brighter tomorrow, Austin’s Gen Y is manifesting innovation, inspiration and intellectuality into an artistic revolution. Despite battling a seemingly never ending “quarter life crisis,” Austin’s initiative youth is witnessing a major spike in success and recognition. This past Sunday (Dec. 4) at Scratchhouse, five young, local, creative collectives collaborated in efforts to shine a light on over 40 undiscovered musicians in the presence of already-established artists. The unification of Brodies Fault, New Waves, Weird City Entertainment, On Vinyl Music and Ben “McNasty” Buck resulted in an eclectic, groovy, 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. get down–One2One Fest.

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Political drama continues: Music infringement cases raising concerns

Campaign teams spend countless hours searching for the perfect inspirational anthem to place in the background of a smiling candidate’s face to win over votes of the American people. Some artists this part year were not too happy about their material being used in a illegal way, and they raised hell. As if the election year hasn’t been filled with enough drama so far, several music copyright infringement cases in politics are stirring up the scene. Let’s go ahead trace the musical drama of three prominent political figures this past year.

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The artist’s guide to successfully using CD Baby

The journey of music from independent musicians to consumers is often a long, windy road full of obstacles and expensive promoting. With more than 130 million people paying for streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music and PandoraCD Baby offers great leverage for Indie artists to get their music to these platforms easily and affordably. So, what makes CD Baby different than other music distribution companies? And what is the key to leveraging this platform to the artist’s advantage? Well, let’s find out.

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We already can’t wait for Something Wicked 2017

Co-written by guest writer Vincent Campagna.

Something Wicked Festival stands as the go-to event in Houston to celebrate Halloween. The two-day festival, which took place Oct. 29 and 30 at Sam Houston Race Park, remains a cultural gathering of all things EDM. Thousands of ravers and electronic music lovers converge every year, fully dressed in Halloween decor, to dance away the weekend. Since 2012, Something Wicked has been bringing the bass to Houston with a lineup packed with EDM artists from around the world. All of this has allowed the festival, compared to others such as Lights All Night and Euphoria, to forge a uniqueness and character all its own.
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Interview with Graham Williams, Sound on Sound’s Head Honcho

If Austin had a patron saint of live music, Graham Williams would be it. His seemingly inexhaustible pool of band knowledge, paired with good taste, makes him one of the most influential talent scouts in Texas, allowing him to successfully launch large Austin-based festivals like FFF fest, and now the inauguration of Sound on Sound.