Local band Fancy Pants changes name to NOISECHOIR

A band’s name is not merely a title for a group– it’s an identity that tells a story before the music even begins, a personal brand that resonates with the musical style and reflects the personalities of all the band members.

That being said, choosing a name is an extremely important process that can make or break a band’s success.

Local electro-groove band Fancy Pants understands this and has recently decided to change their name to NOISECHOIR. The name change became official at their Spider House show on February 3, and they have been grooving just as hard (if not, harder) ever since.

So, what made these funky souls decide to change their name? And what can we expect music-wise from them in the near future?

what made NOISECHOIR decide to change their name?

The idea first came about when they realized the term “Fancy Pants” was quite popular in the music and entertainment world. For example, more than once, the band was mistaken for a clothing company called Fancy Pants. This is when the group knew they needed a plan B.

NOISECHOIR went through a unique brainstorming process with eclectic names such as “Roadside Hot Tub,” “Booty Mountain” and “Pickle Boys” thrown into the mix. According to band member Travis Drews, “[we] were about to settle on BOYSCHOIR, when [our] roommate Stuart was just like, y’all should be NOISECHOIR, and it finally stuck.” And, boom! Just like that their identity took a turn. But, don’t worry, the band promises us the “same tunes, same funky vibes.”

What can we expect from NOISECHOIR in 2017?

NOISECHOIR recently released a Highlight Reel of 2016 that mixes a mashup of live shows and encompasses the band’s high-strung energy and party-all-night vibes. You can feel the explosive energy from all the band members as they jam out and throw in some funky disco moves. The grungy house vibes are refined with layers of soulful rock n’ roll that create a uniquely powerful energy. We are totally diggin’ it– check it out!

The band is also working on their upcoming music video for “Ay Ay Ay,” which we are stoked for!

All in all, it looks like 2017 is off to an energetic and exciting start for NOISECHOIR. Between the name change, 2016 highlight reel and an upcoming music video in the making, it’s safe to say we can expect amazing things from the band this year. Don’t forget to “like” their new Facebook page and check out their EPK (electronic press kit). Groove on!