Edison Chair’s new EP, ‘We Got History,’ gives friendly nod to the past while still remaining fresh

Get excited, folks! Local band Edison Chair just released their newest EP–We Got History.

Self described as a “vocal-driven rock band,” it’s almost as if they’re able to re-brand the past with their refreshing, upbeat lyrics combined with some serious 60s vibes. The six-piece is made up of frontwomen Rachel Thompson and Ellen Gruber leading with their vocal talent, Martin Aker (who also sings occasionally) rocks the lead guitar, Wes Ballew mans the keys, while Wes Armstrong helms the drums, and Jacob Draper grooves on bass.

Edison Chair was first formed in 2007 by Aker and Armstrong. Originally fans of the band, both Thompson and Gruber joined the guys several years later. Known for their dynamic, upbeat live performances, it’s no surprise that they are all good friends off stage.

Before We Got History, their previous EP, Scissors and a Shot Glass, “boasted upbeat pop tunes that share a common focus on songwriting.”

After taking a listen, I have to say they’ve really stepped up their stylistic choices in their recent EP. We Got History feels cohesive throughout while still managing to remain breathable, allowing each song to really shine individually.

The first song off this EP, “Si Si Peude,” features intricate vocal bits and catchy harmonies. The title loosely translates to “It can be done” or “Yes you can”. You can even feel that optimism throughout the song from the upbeat melodies to the beautifully composed lyrics.

As indicated by the title, “We Got History” is able to embody both retro and modern elements. In my opinion, this song is the catchiest off the EP–it’s hard not to sway to the melody or sing (attempt to sing in my case) along to the Thompson and Gruber’s vocals.

Supremely blended, “The Holdout” is spunky if anything. Paying homage to 60’s bands like the Supremes or the Shirelles, there’s definite girl power vibes. The whole song is lavishly produced, and though light and bouncy in its instrumentation the content has a definite punch.

“She’s Too Hot” is buoyed by emotionally charged lyrics and some new-wave vibes which balance each other perfectly. Aker’s vocals take the forefront in this song, which is a nice switch up as well. The content of the song is sweeping and heartfelt, which makes it very relatable for listeners.

All in all, this EP comes to you highly recommended. Edison Chair is a refreshingly unique alternative rock group and We Got History really showcases their collective talent.