OV Recommends: Hooka Hey

Hooka Hey mixes a heavy blues growl with the thrash of rock n’ roll to bring something unique to Austin’s indie music scene. Their one of a kind sound can only be matched by their style–something their music videos are a testament to–displaying the sex and booze vibe that percolates your mind as you watch them perform.

Hooka Hey is die hard on the guitar, matching similar styles to the vocals and instrumentals featured in the famous band, Queen. Their major hit, Nasty, will give you that intense cut of guitar slashes that you love, while another track, Bad Mama,”  (from their album  Little Things) grants you that alternative indie feel that balances out their more thrasher moments.

Source: Hooka Hey album "Little Things" on Sound Cloud
Hooka Hey’s album art is as evocative as their music.

Though they are fueled by these hard hitting and rock focused songs, Hooka Hey draws upon many other facets of rock n’ roll.They even slow it down at times, sneaking into an indie, alternative music feel. They do this by covering music that lyrically fits their style and voice.

For example, they did a rendition of “Kids” by MGMT, with a simple guitar and bass combined with an eerie sound of the cello to complete their ensemble. They add a huge emphasis on the vocals and leave it up to lead vocalist, Hugo de Saint Quentin, to bring his unique and raspy voice to the mix.  

Hooka Hey’s members include Ethan Yeager on the drums, Jesse Houghton on guitar, Bryan Wright as the bassist, and Hugo de Saint Quentin as lead vocalist and guitarist.These members originated in Paris, France and use their background to create an eclectic eastern influenced band that embodies the true heart of rock music.

They are well known for their SXSW performances every year and are currently based in Austin, TX with a tour schedule. Check out their next performance in Austin, TX at Black Heart on May 5 at 11 p.m. and some of their music below.

(Feature photo courtesy of SXSW.)