OV recommends: Resonant Frequency

Resonant Frequency is a western nu-funk experience that paints an image of a rainy evening drive in 1983 Japan, or 1979 San Diego. Resonant Frequency is music to listen to when you’re watching the sun set on your camping trip.

Every now and then I really luck out and get assigned an article about a group or a kind of music that I can really get into. This is one of those times.

Soulful, poignant piano and hard beats with delicate drum fills and hard snares run underneath classic club singers as well as modern rappers. Sampled cantina tracks mingle with synthetic strings to create a nostalgic, dreamlike sound that makes you wish Sailor Moon was still on TV.

Resonant Frequency is Vince Seidl (alias Diamond Cuts) on guitar and keys, Landon Reichle (alias Lando) on bass, turntables, and their Moog machine and Ben Slade (alias Local Color) on drums and his own set of turntables. All three members are in charge of the band’s production.

They just got back from the Kerrville, TX Head For the Hills music festival, and although they don’t have anything new scheduled for a while, you should still keep your eyes peeled. Surprise shows happen all the time, and you never know when a venue might have a surprise future-funk Friday.

(Photo credit courtesy of the Resonance Frequency Facebook Page.)