OV Recommends: Euphoria Artist Deadeye

Finally–a Grateful Dead Tribute band that lives up to its name. Deadeye, founded by Joe Faulhaber and Shadd Scott in 2010 manages to properly pay tribute to the legends while still giving us a new, fresh energy. As of now, the band is composed of Lee Braverman, Faulhaber, Trevor Nealon, Scott, Keith Sennikoff and on occasion Devon McDermott.

Deadeye has more than 120 songs in their repertoire. Their shows are long, soulful and full of energy– reflective of Grateful Dead’s legendary and unique style. The band fuses elements of country, folk, bluegrass, blues, reggae and rock in order to deliver a sound that is both familiar and experimental.

And Deadheads would agree. Sigfrid Rydquist of Culture Map Austin said, “Deadheads are coming out of the woodwork and turning up for Austin tribute band Deadeye.”

These guys will be playing at Euphoria Music Fest, which is going on at Carson Creek Ranch from April 7-10. Go check them out and support the local music scene here in Austin!